Monday, May 15, 2006

a few questions that might constitute a contigent core

silent sensing

we gather to think about thought: what is experience? pure perception?
direct recognition? affective tonality? an actual occasion?

these are words discursively defined within a metaphysical milieu
they are reflective of specific core resonances in western thought
mind is embodied
in both matter and time

spatially extensive, temporally experential

how is it i see you
how is it i hear you
who is it who hears
who is it who sees

can words describe what goes on within the body beyond thought?

before words
before thought
before feeling
before analysis
is there anything?

is there truth that exists outside or more-than sense?
is everything data?

phenomenology traverses a line of history emerging from pre-history
in the first apprehension of space, the calculus computed by the
membrane of a cell
develops denotations and connotations about the direction of that
which is external-other

the task of interpretive faculties is always to track paths, assign
meaning, generate symbolic meaning and references

emotionally subjective experiential questions like:
when will i die? who am i?
or socially-contextual queries such as:
how should i be?

are replaced by ruminations over the fundamental quanta of consciousness:
is self emergent at the moment of awareness?
what is the pure gesture? how is mind immanent in matter?


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