Monday, May 15, 2006

"How do we make what makes us?" Stengers

Greetings from the nomadic pod (Jamie and Elizabeth),

As we orbited the inside of DTV as a nomadic pod, we attempted to become "topological equivalents" of DTV participants to come: that is, people who have done the readings for the event, who are wholly interested in the event and in participating in its creation with great anticipation, but who have not had direct experience of the event.

As a nomadic pod, we have thought and acted experimentally about makings of "us" ... and how makings of "us" exist in relation to strangers. We have been thinking and acting exprimentally with how "we" of the current DTV exist in relation to unknowable DTV participants yet to come ... how "our" forward address constructs both a "we" and "strangers."

Our nomadic transmissions from outside/inside DTV "back" to DTV are an attempt "to communicate in some kind of divergence" ---not too much divergence, and not too little. We attempt "a new kind of communication that holds together the differences and different intensities." Jose Gil

We have attempted to think/act experimentally about translating DTV "to" "strangers":
"...instead of uniting ... a transduction of energy, between two intensities, one belonging to one series, another to another series." Jose Gil

MAYA LIN (architect, artist):

Though I have become more aware of my shared cultural identity through my work, I also am aware of the feeling of always not quite being from either place (China, the United States). And this feeling of isolation or remoteness has also been an influence on my work. I sometimes think that the works I have made, especially the more emotional ones, were done by a distanced observer. I remain somewhat emotionally detached in order to make works that evoke so much emotion in others.


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