Monday, May 15, 2006

what it was like

I'm posting this during the José Gil session. José is speaking with such clarity about Deleuze - about differentiation, identity and series in which identity is the maintenance and development of the singularity of an ongoing differentation. He is also talking about the dark precursor - perhaps this afternoon is the dark precursor for next year, or perhaps we shall have to wait until, like the dark passage before the lightning, it strikes nearby. The fur is still on the rostra, and people have folded themselve onto these and the inflated bed at the centre of the space. They look a little tired but interested still - there is much to bring into new series, new forms of living, of working). There is a string of lights "falling up" the steps of one of the rostra, and the tent still stands. Tom, Erin and Brian are translating José faithfully, although José's French is so clear even I can understand. In fact, we are getting a wonderful commentary along the way from them, in a slightly divergent collection of series (four series). How do we understand this discussion with regard to our new found relationality in movement (which I'm sure is really Erin turning everyone into tango enthusiasts), and the dance DVDs we have just seen (I had never seen that Paxton video from the 1960s - still the divergence and flow shocks), or the interview with Cunningham (for me the point is that Cunningham always seeks a structure to enliven the series, to proliferate them, but that this is a structure which sometimes perhaps seems to leave behind aim, perhaps even terminus if this is taken as a kind of aim through transitional relations - where are these left, and what would it mean to take Cunningham's giving of his aims, his termini, to the open world, its rich ecologies of divergent series, which after all are not quite the same as walking to the Memorial Hall?). Perhaps it is only with the terminus (and it seems to me that Cunningham multiplies termini, brings them forward) that we are freed into new ecologies, moving towards what José has called (as Erin says beautifully) the "dust of micro-vibration". Heidi's mobile (cell) rings with a very beautiful tone - perhaps this is the first sign of what follows the dust of micro-vibration. The discussion continues, but it is perhaps important to allow this dust some time to collect ...


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